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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

sketch for today

In an effort to activate the blog, I'm going to try to put up at least a sketch a week. Hold me to it!

( Noticed this as a stratagem on others' blogs....)


Angela Entzminger said...

Hey Scott,

I will hold you to a commitment of one sketch a day! I am attempting to do the same actually - making sure I post something of mine on my blog everyday. Glad that you are doing well and thanks for the message the other day - Mark always has interesting news on the biz side of things.

Pauline Champetier said...

I hope you will post once a week, your blog is really interesting !
You can also follow Angela's proposition ahah


Whoa, where did I say one a day..what am i , vitamins?

Krista-Marie Porter said...

Hurray!! Can't wait to see more of your work! I will also be holding you to your commitment of one sketch a week! *cough cough* one sketch a day *cough cough* :)