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Monday, January 21, 2013


I am late getting this posted, meant to announce it weeks ago: Maury Whyte, story instructor for the BAA at Sheridan, is showing Steven Speilberg's Raiders of the Lost Ark  this week as one of his regular Friday screening that he does over the semester....and I will there to do some Q&A and talk about my experience working on the film, which I did, way back in 1980.
So - if you want to hear some war stories about effects production for Raiders, show up at the SCAET auditorium, Sheridan College, Oakville campus, this Friday the 25th, movie starts at 6:30, but i will there earlier! Bring your whips and fedoras!


Kristi O. said...

Hi Scott,

Sorry for the off topic comment, but I've just discovered your blog. I'm one of those people who've spent the majority of their life drawing characters and avoiding backgrounds and layouts. I've since realised that by doing that I'm really missing out on an integral part of the equation when it comes to building my skill set. I wanted to ask if you've got any words of wisdom to share for someone who's pretty new to drawing backgrounds and layouts and who's having a tough time with them. Obviously I need to practice, practice, practice, but is there a specific mindset that goes along with background/layout design that I should also be considering? Or any major "Must-do's" that you've found when it comes to learning backgrounds and layout design?

Nikolas Ilic said...

Awesome! I listened to your guys with pencils podcast as well learnt a ton!:)