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Friday, October 12, 2012

Worth while

I don't get political around here, but for this, i 'll make an exception:  here's some worth while animation.
Congratulations to two of my former students who worked on it: Brock Gallagher and Frank Macchia.
This is using your powers for good, guys.


Aaron Estrada said...

This is great! Makes politics fun to watch


Yea, Aaron! How's third year treating you!

Aaron Estrada said...

Third year is so far a balancing act, trying to put the right amount of time into the Action Analysis, Group Film, and Portfolio, so good work can be produced. It's tough I'm not gonna lie haha but just gotta keep at it!

Say, I got reading week next week, we should grab lunch and catch up!


That's a great idea.
contact me via email or i'll look you up.

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