Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Elements of Design...with a twist

Here is something that was run up originally to give out in class but I somehow never got around to it...seemed a bit silly, the more I looked at it. But what the hell, get it out there.
If it makes someone remember the stuff, that's the important thing.
 Thanks to Nappakao Khebchareon for the Elephant of Colour, Lecturer and teacher at NYP in Singapore and all round great person!




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Jamie said...

This is adorable, Scott! Glad you've posted it!

Ashlyn said...

This is really great, Scott! :) Adding this to my collection of the Great Caple Notes

scott said...

Guys, how are you! Thanks, glad you like it..i was thinking t shirts...?

can anyone help me translate the comment opposite?

Mr.Breadcrumbs said...

awesome notes

Scott Daly said...

Great blog I just came across it today. When do you think your layout book is going to come out?

scott said...

Thanks for the comments, you all!
Scott: Re the layout book, I am going to try and have a version out by the fall, but it might not be the full on version...i'm finding it hard to get organized enough to put it into a reasonable form..and for every page I do, i come up with two others...Ok, back to it..

Scott Daly said...

Awesome! I'm looking forward to it. I also had a few questions about layout and background painting that I was hoping I could ask you. I'm really interested in getting into the background biz but I'm having trouble finding info and direction. My email is scottcdaly@gmail.com, if you wouldn't mind emailing me I would really appreciate it.