Friday, April 3, 2009

Art of Walt Disney..I think

Of all the things that have been scanned from books and old papers that show up on the blogs, I haven't seen much about the 1942 book, The Art of Walt Disney, by Robert Feild. Known of it for years, looked at friends' copies, but never owned it myself. Not for lack of looking, back in the day of used book stores, etc.
 I finally broke down and got me one. Was very easy, after all.
But here's why: I have still, to this day, a number of handouts that were given to us in first year Animation class at Sheridan College. And they're all still great, full of good info. Among them were a few sheets showing layout and drawing and composition tips. These have been the best bits of stuff on layout I have ever seen in any book, of all the books written on animation. There are things that even Loomis doesn't talk about.
I was always sure they were from the Feild book.
But they're not in the copy I bought.
It's a first edition: Collins, 1942.
Is there another edition? Is this one abridged?
So, question to Dear Readers: anyone help me here; Where are these from?


Jamie said...

Scott, thanks for these and the line drawings of the wild west backgrounds. :) Really helpful.

Segun said...

Hi Scott,
I admire your work, and have been reading your blog for a couple of months now.
I've seen some of these notes on several websites, and like you i'm unsure of their source of origin.
I think some of these may be from Don Graham's book (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0442228546/ref=cm_cmu_pg__header).
There is a chapter on film or animation... 'can't remember which right now. I suggest checking it out at a library before committing to buy one. It's a great book and sadly it's out of print.
I hope this helps you. I'm looking foward to the arrival of your book. How far have you gone with it?

Segun said...

The link to Don's book didn't appear in the previous comment so i'm reposting it

scott said...

Thanks guys...
Well, they're not in the copy I have of Composing Pictures...although there are two illos that also appear in the Feild book, but neither of those the ones I posted. The mystery continues....
per , the Don Graham book: there's alot of thought one way or the other about that book..personally, I think it's one of the greatest, but it took several years and going back to it many times before i came to that conclusion. Sometimes you have to catch up to the great stuff...

Shawn Seles said...

Off the top of my head, I'm thinking it might be from the old Disney Camera and Layout Manual.

Hans Perk said...

I am sorry to have missed this posting, Scott (though I did mention Ken O'Connor's lecture in a comment to an earlier posting in 2007) - at least I am glad to have been able to get you an answer to your question...