Monday, January 28, 2008


Went up north this weekend to a friend's place, where he observes the ancient and honourable Scandinivian, all right, Viking mid-winter fest day, Uphellya. The tradition involves an offering to the gods, usually a boat, anything one wishes to send heavenward is placed in the boat, speeches are made, and the thing torched, while we stand about and read the portents for the coming year in the flames. And drink deep in the process.

It wasn't this spectacular but was inspiring!


vandy said...

If it looked *that* impressive we really WOULD make the neighbours nervous!


Five Rivers Chapmanry said...

Oh, but what a glorious thing it would be to have it that spectacular!
The Oracle prophesied: One among us shall pass from troubled times to contentment. They will find their home, ushered by their friends the wolves and led by an eagle.

Darrell Markewitz said...

And we are trying to base our iron smelting experiments on two illustrations from the period?
Hell, I was THERE and I wish I attended the event depicted in these illustrations!
Well Met as always Scott - the gang welcomes you at any time...


Tobias Schwarz said...


Kei Acedera said...

It sounds fun!! and you got really cool pieces out of it!!

scott said...

Hey all, thanks for the compliments and the visit!

scartoonist said...

Doug Allen, who used to do Steven, a strip I loved, now does proper paintings of sailing ships. Now that I see your flaming boat, I know what it is that's missing from them.